Rubeun Tan – Owner

Rubeun Tan

Having worked in Web Development for several years and amassed a wide array of skills and technologies coupled with extensive experience in live event production, I decided to make my services available to the general public. From creating an entire website from the ground up with , videography and photography, capturing Aerial footage with Quadcopters, streaming live video over the internet, building art for Burning Man, setting up lighting and VJing for events. A jack-of-all-trades with a knack for troubleshooting and reverse-engineering solutions, I found myself finding solutions to nearly anything I put my mind to.

After leaving my job and taking an extended vacation to relax, reflect and travel, I decided to build a business which would put my skills to good use. I am currently helping numerous friends with their businesses & music labels while launching another service broadcasting live music events in San Francisco (Burn The TV).

Heart Deco Ninja vs Abraxas Samurai

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